Animal Research Tomorrow (ART) is the new home of the Basel Declaration. We are an international grassroots NGO of biomedical and animal welfare researchers dedicated to advocating ethically responsible and state-of-the ART animal research in the spirit of the Basel Declaration. A second major aim is to increase trust and engage in proactive communication about the continued importance of animal experimentation in the life sciences. We promote openness and fact-based scientific arguments in the international public debate on the necessity and value of animal research for human and animal health and welfare.


Animal Research Tomorrow and its supporting members and institutions stand for

  • ethical treatment of animals in research
  • unconditional implementation of the 3Rs
  • reliable, reproducible and state-of-the ART animal experimentation
  • use of animal-free approaches when possible
  • proactive and fact-based interactive dialog with society
  • increased transparency, accountability, and trust through open science


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    Rolf Zeller

    Modern biomedical research combines cellular, molecular and computational approaches with best practice animal research. I am proud to be part of the ART mission to rise awareness for the 3Rs and the importance of animal research.

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    Cornelia Exner

    As a vet and animal welfare officer, it is important to me to contribute to the fact that the 3 R principle is carried forward in research. It is also important that research is transparent to the public and that scientists communicate about what they are doing. I am happy to be part of ART.

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    Nuno Franco

    I'm with Animal Research Tomorrow because I support the principles of the Basel Declaration on transparency in animal research, and wish to further the goals of this organization of promoting an ethical, relevant, and transparent use of animals in science.

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    Aimeé Zuniga

    Loving animals makes it difficult to understand why animal research is necessary. With ART I want to tell the stories of the animals who contribute to medical advances.

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    Stefan Treue

    As one of the initial signers of the Basel Declaration I want to promote its widespread adoption. I also support the wider mission of Animal Research Tomorrow to expand the communication about the importance and role of responsible animal research.

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    Servan L. Gr√ľninger

    The face of animal research is constantly evolving. With Animal Research Tomorrow I want to help shape this evolution in an ethically responsible, open-minded and scientifically rigorous fashion.


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